vacation filler day 13 (backlog flush #32)
How could I resist something about a sailor :) -- Popeye and cast of characters:
--rennie Tue Jun 3 03:28:43 2003
Nutella! I love the stuff. Yummy. Also, I notice the little men that are the logo of JA Henckels knives. Me in a store full of fine cutlery? I would just have to have one of each.
--Rhetoric Wed Jun 4 17:43:41 2003
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--cheap internet marketing Wed Apr 18 09:07:09 2012
What a pathetic excsue for a costume!  The pants  would not even be considered pajamas, let alone worn in public, and the elastic was barely stitched to the top with no waistband.  The Sailor Hat was anything but.  It has no structure, doesn't stand up and looks like a nitecap  I guess to go along with the pajama bottoms! The Muscle Arms were flat, would not stay up on the arm and had to be stuffed to maintain any shape.  The sleeves on the shirt were not long enough to cover the unfinished edge of the Muscle Arms  We had to go out and buy a real Sailor hat and Corn Cob pipe which added another $15 to the cost of the costume, and my husband wore blue jeans and his own Navy sweater to keep the arms on.  A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!
--Kareem Sat Jul 7 22:36:57 2012
Very very cute - love the idea, your creations and your kids are ardbaole!I have already liked both pages and have voted for both on each page. I hope you win hands down.
--Ernest Fri Jul 13 08:00:48 2012

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