eye on london
hrrrrmmmmm... well, I can definitely say Kirk was not in bed by 8pm last night, cuz I didn't get to bed til a few minutes after 8 and I certainly wasn't aware of anyone else in the room with me at the time... in any case, I'm convinced Kirk is totally screwing up his system by getting up that early. I slept til a luxurious 6am (though never before would I have called 6am luxurious)!
--mo Sun Jun 8 13:25:36 2003
In awe of that asnewr! Really cool!
--Earnhardt Sat Apr 23 20:37:29 2011
I'm sure it is oerrvated, but it has always been a dream of mine to have super long hair that cascades in curls all down my back.
--Tumpa Mon Feb 13 15:28:15 2012
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