wise old owl my butt
We went to Toys R Us last night, where they were selling tootsie pops with digital lick counters!
--ranjit Thu Jun 12 08:06:52 2003
good work ecthis! love that boy!Sorry my kid socked him in the face last night. Ammon took it well and quickly forgave my bully.
--Remzi Sun Feb 12 02:59:51 2012
I wednor about secret combinations within our local, state and federal government. I also wednor about secret combinations who run social networking sites such as Facebook. People are much too free with their personal information their date of birth, schools attended, and much more. I wednor if there are people quietly gathering all of this information to use for nefarious purposes.
--Simon Mon Feb 13 23:01:49 2012

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