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Kirk - nutrition is tricky. Because our bodies process things so differently (metabolically), it is hard to find info that is trustworthy. Working in health and nutrition makes it DOUBLEY hard for me to remain sane during this wave of new info - I get emails from USDA/ADA/5aDAY/ FDA/etc listservs, journals, and attend conferences and I am bombarded with one "sound nutrition" message after another. Even Registered Dietitian's argue - and THEY are the supposed experts. Good Luck, Mo. Good info is hard to find. I am such a sceptic that I wonder if the food guide pyramis wasn't totally skewed because of the wheat, dairy, and beef coucils control on the USDA!!!!!
--Rhetoric Tue Jun 17 13:24:12 2003
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--woqib mvkxh Tue May 6 05:23:25 2008

--Dee Rivers Wed Nov 12 16:01:27 2008
        @guamboy42 Yes, you can, but you soesruily won’t need to. You will get such an enormous pump from PlasmaJet that adding arginine will just be a waste of money.

--Inocent Sat Feb 11 21:02:36 2012

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