forked tongue
The next time I see Mo in person I expect her to have that face at all times!
--Snappy Sat Jun 21 15:03:57 2003
Thanks for the info. Just wanted to say that if you dont have time to post every day, write a few posts or as many as you can and seudchle them to be auto posted 1 per day. That way your blog will be updated daily without writing daily. Daily updates are good, but they are not the be all and end all. If I post 1 post per day and somone else posts 15 posts once per week, who do you think will have more search engine exposure? The more indexed pages you have, the more chance of getting a click from a search engine. Almost like a lottery lolThanks again : )
--Siami Sat Jul 7 06:39:48 2012

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