gotta be in it to win it
No no no! Don't quit when the talking heads come on, you'll miss the best part:

"To do the right thing, that's so simple for you!
The Copyright Law will tell you what to do!
Anything else is like goin' to the store,
Takin' the disk and walkin' out the door!
It's called thiefin', stealin', takin' what's not yours!"

You had me going there, MC DipSwitch, but that last bit sounds like I should buy a different bottle of milk for every refrigerator I own...
--Bill the Splut Mon Jul 7 20:34:23 2003
Shame that Philippoussis didn't win - but Federer completely deserved his victory. The scud could've been a little more magnanimous in his defeat.
--Wing and a prayer Mon Jul 7 23:29:37 2003

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