ode to a clockradio
Go Dylan. Make that 4 loyal fans! I look for updates all the time. Good Luck with the opportunity.

Kirk...I, too, had a white cube. However, I broke the snooze botton in college and they had stopped making them by then. Pauvre Bebe.
--Rhetoric Tue Jul 15 20:24:45 2003
I still have my original alarm clock, going on 20 years now, a nice woodgrain GE. One of my earliest memories is getting it and being strictly warned by my grandmother not to take it apart (engineers are born, not trained). All the buttons still work and I have to say it will be a sad day if it ever dies.
--Eric Tue Jul 15 23:00:38 2003
the plural or tableau, is tableaux :-)
--Pedantic Man Wed Jul 16 10:43:41 2003

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