like sand through the hourglass
"Fruit flies like a banana" usually follows the set-up "Time flies like an arrow." So the setup to Nick's joke was actually a punchline he borrowed from another joke. And I've got to say his joke was diggity-dang good.
--LAN3 Thu Jul 24 11:18:34 2003
my favorite mashup so far is "Dirty Bottle" Aguilerra's "Genie in a Bottle" and Sonic Youth's "Dirty Boots", which is absolutely transcendent. Though the Missy Elliot/Blondie one is pretty cool too.
--john Thu Jul 24 12:42:18 2003
"Tits like coconuts, but starlings prefer breadcrumbs". SO SO SORRY
--RootUp Fri Jul 25 02:36:01 2003
Lore wrote a big ol' bunch of them: <a href="">After the Punchline</a>.

--Nick Bensema Fri Jul 25 16:35:34 2003

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