pulling the plug
Kirk - that is fabulous! I wish I had your sand. I find the net to be a great way to blow off steam when I am frustrated at work. And, if I can't connect...I just want to blow off the whole afternoon! Sad, sad world. It is like a door that I open only when others are still swung wide. I rarely surf the net when I am bored - only when I have something else to do!
--Rhetoric Sat Jul 26 12:39:35 2003
I adored those Orisinal games. So much fun. Thanks for the link.
--Wing and a prayer Sat Jul 26 20:02:35 2003
I really wish there were more atrciles like this on the web.
--Makaila Fri Sep 9 19:13:03 2011
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--Olga Thu Mar 7 04:44:20 2013

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