the female may turn and devour the male's head
your wife is the loveliest mantis I've ever had the pleasure of working with... and "like ever almost" is the loveliest grammar!
--Brooke Wed Jul 30 10:16:21 2003
--LAN3 Wed Jul 30 10:20:51 2003
A few years ago I'd have to pay smoenoe for this information.
--Wiseman Fri Jul 29 06:29:10 2011
I believe that tainkg a time off is always necessary. Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible for some people (for example, myself ) being completely off line. Despite I am on vacation, I always must be doing something. For instance, I take my laptop to every where, and have some work before any enjoyment. I think resting is more pleasant in that way.Daniel recently posted..
--Dora Tue Mar 5 00:38:41 2013

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