i fall to pieces
The link you gave on the Blender comments board sent us to Hawaii with kirael.com ..... Rennie
--rennie Thu Jul 31 07:14:45 2003
It's nice but makes you feel weird after a while
--Star of David Fri Aug 1 07:49:59 2003
Back when that "Bright Stuff" editorial came out, it made waves in the blogging community precisely because it did sound arrogant, not to mention the arrogance perceived by some in the Bright's choice of the word "Bright," generally because there's an implicit suggestion that believers in deities and other spiritiual things are "not bright." I don't think it's intentional (and certainly not true that many staggeringly intelligent thinkers believe in gods and spirits), though there are no shortage of athiests who might think it is. As a skeptical agnostic, I don't want to associate with arrogant athiests, which is the reason I'm not [a] Bright. Thanks for the link.
--LAN3 Fri Aug 1 11:44:17 2003

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