[insert floppy and hard drives joke here]
More details about unusual behavior among Liberian soldiers can be found <a href="http://firefive.com/blog?year=2003&month=8&day=4&hour=15&minute=3">here</a>.
--Mike Smith Mon Aug 4 15:15:19 2003
I remember that back in middle school, my male friends and I would often signal goodbye by flicking each other off. Hmmmmm. . .maybe there's some simply aggressive tendencies to saying goodbye among men or something.
--Jesse Tue Aug 5 10:28:36 2003
A defense against appearing too sentimental, maybe?
--LAN3 Tue Aug 5 15:31:07 2003
Not bad at all!
--Caitlyn Fri Mar 9 20:10:04 2007
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Wonderful pics Amanda!!! Superb work I must say ^_^.Thank you Natasha and Adam for coming out and benraig with us young (well there were a few experienced older  tographers there) tographers! I really enjoyed the experience and have found a new passion and facet to explore inside the wondrous world of photography ^_^
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