what do we want? moderate change! when do we want it? within a reasonable timeframe!
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Ryan,It's been far too long since we have spoken! Sorry for the brief delay in my ressonpe (heavy travel commitments as of late and some information I needed to go ask the product team about), but here you go (with much credit going to the product team) Open SourceBoth ProperJavaRDP and Elusiva are based on the rdesktop open source project. The last version of rdesktop (1.6.0) dates from May 2008 and so is pretty much a dead project which only supports up to some features of RDP5 (apparently not even USB device redirection). ProperJavaRDP's latest version (1.1) dates from May 2007 and so does not support more (apparently no data transfer at all).ElusivaOn their website they provide 3 clients: 1 is called Java RDP, based on ProperJavaRDP, which itself is based on rdesktop; 2 is rdesktop; 3 is a modified rdesktop. Each of these are likely to be only slightly improved versions of ProperJavaRDP, and certainly not rising anywhere near .VNCVNC is a very fat protocol that isn’t designed for high latency and potentially low bandwidth (Internet) connection. And of course it also requires software to be installed on the server, which is less than ideal. The bottom line here is that it is fine for a few administrator connections, but is not really a mainstream product requirement. As you noted, this has been implemented for your admins and those users would most likely default to using Pulse or Network Connect anyway, being the power users that they are.
--Naina Sat Jan 12 00:55:55 2013

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