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I was okay with the CA recall vote (I'm not in CA, though) but I didn't realize told today that you vote for the replacement candidate on the same ballot as your Yes or No on the recall issue. I would've thought that the Lt. Gov. would take over until there were primaries (maybe) and a separate election, but it looks like the next California governor will be elected without being nominated, which is usually the standard method for electing the prom queen.

I do think, though, that Arnold won't be the embarrassment that Jesse Ventura turned out to be, if only because Ventura set the bar so high.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 7 16:05:36 2003
Great work guys. Good work, All the best!
--Carrie Fri Mar 9 20:10:08 2007
Knocked my socks off with konlwedge!
--Davian Fri Jul 29 01:25:56 2011
We are glad to see these changes as it is often diucfiflt to wait for an appointment during an acute medical issue that is not acute enough to justify a hospital visit. A flu or cold can keep us from work which is important to us, but would not be significant enough to require an emergency room visit. As a result, being able to come in same day or next day can really help not allow a flu or a cold become more serious (pneumonia) or keep us from working too long. I believe this is why Pharmacy clinics have spurred up knowing that getting a doctor's appointment is not always within reach.Thank you and I am certain this will increase our confidence and appreciation for your practice.
--Cebrail Tue Apr 24 14:10:07 2012

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