captain abe
kirk, my grandmother was a "Sally" for 35 years. So I often went with her to help with her volunteering with this group. Thanks for the family history ..... Rennie

--rennie Fri Aug 15 05:01:39 2003
very cool! extraordinary people definitely run in your family, and you are no exception! ever envious.. -bill
--Bill Aube Fri Aug 15 15:28:07 2003
I love the colors you use, and the images are vivid and energetic. Great work, good site too. I'll be in touch!
--Kiara Fri Mar 9 20:10:56 2007
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--iygj ocfwydpkv Sun Jan 18 02:53:35 2009
Abe Scheinfelt is also my great grandfather. Rex and Dorothy (Berry) are my grandparents, I have been doing some research lately to document my heritage
--Cindy Jones Lavoie Tue Mar 31 16:36:07 2009
I guess finding useful, reliable infomratoin on the internet isn't hopeless after all.
--Wimpy Sun Nov 27 00:03:33 2011
Great post with lots of ipmrotant stuff.
--Sandra Tue Jan 3 17:17:04 2012
sG640X Really enjoyed this blog article. Will read on...
--Adobe OEM Software Thu Mar 8 01:14:09 2012

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