the art of the moment: very cute!

Major congrats to Dylan! ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Mon Aug 18 19:11:12 2003
Kirk, it makes me feel really good that you've enjoyed these drawings.... Thanks! I hope you're doing well, Carly
--Carly Rocklen Tue Aug 19 09:12:06 2003
i really love this picture and even more, i love how you linked the new pic. seeing two pieces from different times and the development that has taken place. its so cool.
--linzey rogers Wed Aug 20 22:47:00 2003
Good work, webmaster! Nice site!
--Travis Fri Mar 9 20:10:42 2007
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--mfouxzes qztvmbioh Sun Jan 18 02:29:21 2009
I really wish there were more artilces like this on the web.
--Rumor Wed Sep 7 01:14:59 2011
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