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If you're up for machinima at all, I strongly recommend the amusing "Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles" a Halo-based serial set in the MP map Blood Gulch. It's incredibly well-down, uses the absolute minimum of video wizardry, preferring to create the video in-game, and has a broad set of great voice talent and writers with genuine senses of humor.

Available in QT and DivX-- up to 16 episodes now, and you can download them directly or by using the novel BitTorrent method.

Also, I now can't find where (fileplanet?) I downloaded happyhacking.avi from, a Halo movie where the creators started messing with the weapons, so you'd have a pistol that shoots grenades, a warthog that shoots missiles in rapidfire, or best of all a rocket launcher that fires a round that, instead of exploding, spawns a Marine.
--LAN3 Fri Aug 22 13:05:08 2003

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