Insanity... what kind of ROI do we have on that money?

Millions dead, a few craters in the ground, and a cabal of billionaires eating caviar and laughing at us.
--bozo Sat Aug 23 10:21:03 2003
Billions alive, few-to-no craters in American soil, and the freedom to be billionaires and to laugh at whomever we want. Money well spent.
--LAN3 Sat Aug 23 16:57:03 2003
What America is about ?

"Freedom to Laugh at whomever we want"?

Freedom to for a few to become "barons" and snort down at the mass of peasants?

Geeze.. you're being satirical aren't you?

(Please say yes)

--bozo Sun Aug 24 09:23:32 2003
Okay bozo, give us one viable alternative. Is it some adolescent marxist theory that has been proven a failure time and time again? Or maybe it's a theocracy where laughing at Mohammed will get you decapitated. 

I know your type. There are heaps of your type here in Melbourne. Kids going to university on their parents' money vandalising a McDonalds does not a revolution make.
--AuSkeptic Sun Aug 24 17:55:52 2003
I'd bet "lost track of" includes lots that was spent on stuff we need to secret.

Living in a free society doesn't mean we get to know everything the government does... (especially with the military)
--mr. ed Mon Aug 25 10:34:25 2003
Laughing at whomever we want is, of course, a small subset of a very large freedom. And the freedom to become a billionaire is extended to all Americans. Most won't or can't do it.
--LAN3 Mon Aug 25 16:02:39 2003

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