upside the head
Just wanted to thank you out of the blue, Kisrael. As an atheist , a few years ago I had an existential crisis. I found your site and I found exactly what I was seeking. Not coddling, but understanding. Your mortality for skeptics section is one of the most useful things i've ever found on the internet.


--AuSkeptic Wed Aug 27 10:46:43 2003
Oh that penguin thing is totally fake, it's obvious. the "perp penguin" in drawn in, and the flipper is poorly animated.
--john s Wed Aug 27 14:55:02 2003
I wouldn't say it was done poorly but I did see the original which is just as funny just without the flipper push. I think for a clip someone did a pretty decent job. Kudos

--Craig Wed Aug 27 22:37:21 2003
Please forgive the complete and utter lack of commas in that post. My professors would love how their education is being used.
--Craig (again) Wed Aug 27 22:39:20 2003
Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!
--Kara Fri Mar 9 20:10:40 2007
that was very funny .i slap my own children like that too.
--shalisa Sat Oct 3 16:58:23 2009
BION I'm ipmresesd! Cool post!
--Lexus Sat Sep 10 05:27:03 2011
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