not coddling, but understanding
(on the penguins) in art classes, we were told to pay attention to shadows ..... Rennie
--rennie Thu Aug 28 13:59:49 2003
Apologies to Kirk for abusing this forum for correspondence, but:
Rennie, I wanted to thank you for the recommendation of Conrad's _Youth_. Great story, and got me on a Conrad kick-- since _Youth_ I've enjoyed the exquisite _Typhoon_ and I'm halfway through _The End of the Tether_, which is also excellent. I should have plenty of momentum to carry me through _Heart of Darkness_.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 28 22:20:00 2003
LAN3, Kirk helps keeps lots of great folks connected and clicking good links. I've come to his from his loveblender poetry site. A kind friend from Monaco recommended Conrad's _Youth_ to me several years ago. I also write about the sea, and even manage to do some of it in poetry at Blender. I often forward his site to those who don't dig the love and romance poetry as much. He's a thinking man, LAN3. Much better than the inane one-liners from many other sites. I've appreciated your comments here. Thanks for this one my direction ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Fri Aug 29 08:43:55 2003

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