the rise of man
Are the two dots on that logo not level, or is that an optical illusion because of the horizontal pieces? I think it's a bad idea to have your official logo contain an optical illusion.
--LAN3 Tue Sep 2 11:47:32 2003
I used to put pages together with increments, LAN3 ... more than just the dots are different if you look again ..... Rennie
--rennie Tue Sep 2 13:50:08 2003
Kirk "tried to reconstruct" the logo, guys... Give him a break.
--mr. ed Fri Sep 5 07:42:37 2003
I'm not picking on Kirk any more than usual; even if the dots aren't level, there could be 180-degree rotational symmetry (and suggest a swastika, actually), but I wasn't sure what was intended.
--LAN3 Thu Sep 11 20:44:35 2003

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