why just waste time when you can waste money too?
9RlcVX Well, actually, a lot of what you write is not quite true !... well, okay, it does not matter:D
--cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 02:33:19 2012
NO RADIO CONTROL  LOCKED OUT OF DENSION UI AND IPOD UII installed IceLink Plus in my 2002 TL and canont access the menus in the dension UI. I have forced the update to firmware version 2.15, and made sure that my iPod has the newest firmware (I have a 30 gig with dock), and still no access. I can play music before I put the iPod in the cradle and it plays and charges fine. If I just put the iPod in the Dension cradle, then it goes to the playlist menu, and I canont choose anything with the radio buttons or my iPod buttons. I have the OEM radio that I know a bunch of people have hooked up to.Any suggestions on this problem?!?!
--AdriSof Mon Jun 4 10:33:53 2012
evdwNM Thanks so much for the blog post. Great.
--take a look at it! Sat Oct 26 01:59:29 2013

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