your applause is all backwards
re: applause, me neither. I'm right-handed but I usually applaud with the left hand on the bottom. I do think, though, that I move the right hand more than the left while applauding.
--Max Tue Sep 16 08:20:10 2003
er, that is, with the RIGHT hand on the bottom, left on top moving down into it.
--Max Tue Sep 16 08:20:31 2003
It works for me. I must be normal!
--Justin Heyes-Jones Tue Sep 16 11:46:41 2003
Yeah, I think I'm normal in that respect as well. Though when I'm applauding for a longer period of time (after a play with a large cast, for example) I switch around so I can save my left palm for the ovation-worthy performers.
--LAN3 Tue Sep 16 13:26:11 2003

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