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Congrats, Charles, even though you're probably too busy to read today.
--Max Sat Sep 20 15:09:11 2003
Dear Cajaro:I'm glad I'm back in town and back at my seat. Unfortunately, I wish it was about whining or vetintg. I just tried to personalize it. You are right I've got a hectic schedule servicing the student-athletes otherwise I would've responded earlier. I usually go face to face, so I'm new in this arena. I've got about 1,000 kids I have to work with personally. This is such a bigger subject to me than a 1 time blog. Things have changed in the 15 years I've consulting and training. Unfortunately it's not about me or fishing for interest/traffic, parent expectations and kids aren't as real as they used to be  the message the word BALANCE has gone into the past for many. You can still specialize or do multiple things but you gotta keep it REAL. Many I train don't have a clue what it takes or the sacrifice to become a D1 athlete, pro, or chase big time success and neither do their parents. So they just push the hell out of them in every area thinking throwing time at everything will make something stick  which makes the Jack of All Trades, Master of None.  For example, I just met with a client that wants to run D1 Track in college in their final year; Guess what, they have a chance  they are State Champs, but they (the parents)  the kid are confused as their son sits on JV football. Which would you do? Keep playin ball or get ready for track to get your scholarship? My point you can't have it all  make a choice. What were you looking for? sometimes it's just not complicated Did you play or do you have kids?
--Jennette Mon Jun 4 08:46:28 2012

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