stampede de l'amour
Well, what happened in the NEXT frame?

"Life is Short... Take a Nap"

-- boozo
--bozo Sun Sep 21 10:43:38 2003
Is Cape Code where all the programmers go?
--Bill the Splut Sun Sep 21 15:46:37 2003
It's worth reading Tycho's newspost over at Penny Arcade -- -- on the subject of that feature, because he correctly notes that one of the parties responsible for overhyping games is, er, Gamespy itself. (A fact that they admit to only some of the time.)
--LAN3 Sun Sep 21 22:52:20 2003
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--uravy dehlgmty Sun Jan 18 04:33:33 2009
HHIS I should have thugoht of that!
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