peterman SMASH

They will treasure that sequence the rest of their lives...
--boozo Mon Sep 22 08:37:44 2003
I read a short story in IASFM or Analog, wherein some researchers travelled to another planet where hurricanes happen all year around, and to such severity that they added Categories 6 throuh 10. Using drone aircraft they flew increasingly large explosive packages in the eye of the hurricane, just inside the wall of the wind. When their largest conventional blast failed to do the trick, they went nuclear. Apparently a Earth hurricane in recent memory (think Floyd, judging by the timing of the story) had killed enough people that they would consider going nuclear. 

I also recall that at least one or maybe both of the ethnic Japanese researchers present on this planet committed suicide in protest of the use of nukes. I didn't really buy it, though; it didn't really ring right. I don't know if that's because I'm not Japanese, or because the author failed to bring that home. 

Also, it's worth noting that a lot of residual fallout is due to the heavier atoms that were cooked by the explosion. If the nuclear blast was clean and efficient (that is, self-vaporizing with no residiual Pu, etc. around), it seems like an airburst over the ocean wouldn't be too bad.

Also worth noting that we're not the only ones to do this-- suppose Japan develops nukes and decides to take care of its Typhoon problem? Or North Korea, maybe, whose leaders are just crazy enough...
--LAN3 Mon Sep 22 19:10:06 2003
The quote by margaret atwood references eskimos many names for snow. in fact this is somewhat exagerated. The book "The Language Instinct" by stephen pinker goes into this in some depth. Obviously the eskimos needed to talk about snow quite a lot, but in fact they don't have more words for snow, they just have a very detailed set of language for talking about the weather and snow. I'll see if I can dig a quote out to explain what I said a bit better.
--JustinHJ Wed Sep 24 08:31:06 2003
Kewl you suhold come up with that. Excellent!
--Elmira Wed Apr 27 07:53:13 2011
Bappy Smurfday, Soxbutters!I was actually diinrvg right past the former site of Channel 10 in Nunawading just as Dave was talking about the Jethopper competition on The Early Bird Show. What I remember from when I was about six, was passing by that studio when it was still called Channel 0 with a big, fat zero on the side of the building. Across the road from Wobbie's World, which is also no more.As a six-year-old, I was only allowed to watch the ABC and SBS, so my Early Bird watching wouldn't come until a few years later. So, my single-digit years were spent watching Dr Who, The Goodies, Monkey, G-Force, Astroboy, Bananaman, Four Corners and Danger Mouse.I did get to sit inside KITT once, but unfortunately not in California, he was at the Royal Melbourne Show.John Richards  I thought I hallucinated that 3D episode of Blah Blah Blah. Now I can take a small step towards sanity, knowing that it might have actually happened.
--Frndolina Fri Apr 6 13:30:21 2012
Here's another enxerimept that Josh and his brother performed, also courtesy of the Curiosity Show. This time, in the kitchen:1) Get a wooden match2) Cover just the head of the match in 1 layer of aluminium foil3) Put a pinhole through the foil at the very end of the match head4) Balance the match on the edge of the kitchen sink with the foil-covered head end suspended over the void.5) Get another match, light it.6) Hold the flame under the foil-covered head of the first match7) Watch and be amazed!I think you're supposed to learn something about jet propulsion from this enxerimept  or something. Watch your fingers!
--Chaya Tue Jan 8 06:26:20 2013

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