like a cheetah but different
I think the reason people like us aren't that dismissive of accupuncture is because it doesn't really matter whether it "really" works or not, it only matters if it "works".
--Eric Fri Sep 26 12:19:50 2003
I was going to withhold my comments on the looks of your wife, but since you wonder what we think, it's always nice to see the beautiful naked back of a woman, even if she was attacked by an octopus. It's enough to make you wish you had 8 arms, yourself.

--LAN3 Fri Sep 26 19:02:13 2003
i love the picture of mo, because she's purdy, but mostly because I recognize those particular hickeys intimately. I hope my acupuncturist is being good to you, mo!!
--brooke Sun Sep 28 22:10:43 2003

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