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NPR had this April Fool's Day story about how, to improve the look of midriff-baring clothing, there was a trend among young women to get their navels removed.

Looking for it, I found that All Things Considered has been pretty consistent about putting in some good April Fool's jokes each year.
--LAN3 Mon Sep 29 04:09:31 2003
I had my belly button peirced on top a bit over a year ago. depending on the person i think it can look trashy, but most dont because theyre so common these days.anyway, last week i got it peirced on the bottom as well. didnt know at the time that it hurst a HELL of a lot more on the bottom than on the top. and i have the oppostite problem, with the top one bending was fine and i had no problems with it, but with the bottom one i find i have to be a lot more carefull with it. and i've seen boys with the bottom peirced (and some with the top) and it really depends on the person if it suits or tempted to get my tongue peirced next, but am worried about it interfering with job opportunities etc. plus im scared it'll hurt too much.
--Lulu Sun Apr 14 09:29:56 2013

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