truth and rent
radiators want you to sit around all day too. we just got ours fixed, but it involved a lot of gwen sitting around, waiting.
--matthias Wed Oct 8 16:18:03 2003
I experienced the same /f/ connection with IT MU5T BE FOUND, but I never thought about it. 

Except for the 5/S thing, I'm pretty well-trained when it comes to typing in B1FF!!11!-speak, so I see 4 as A or, at a stretch, H. That makes you Kiak, or Kihk. Both words that resemble ethnic groups of some kind. (The first group may have invented the small watercraft of the same name.)
--LAN3 Thu Oct 9 13:20:56 2003
That's way more clever than I was expecting. Thnkas!
--Adele Sun Apr 24 04:16:10 2011
pnidoR Post brought me to think, went to mull over!!...
--cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 04:56:22 2012
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--Priyanka Mon Feb 13 13:07:48 2012
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