cowboy down
Your comment on Multiplayer GTA reminds me of a gamer friend who now has daughters, and as much as he'd love to play a wide-open game like GTA, he'd need to find one that wasn't so antisocial that he could play in front of his kids.

BTW, if you'd like to play GTA in the 1930's, you can play "Mafia," (for PC) which has a campaign that's a mix of driving and 3rd-person shooting missions, and as you progress you can unlock more cars. (When the game starts out, all you can do is carjack little Model-Ts-- other cars' locks will defeat you.) When you've completed it, the Free Drive mode lets you drive around the city, taking taxi missions or killing [other] gangsters as you please. You can free-drive before completing the missions, but you can only steal as many cars in free drive as you've learned to break into in the campaign. Fun and antisocial, but vintage antisocial.
--LAN3 Fri Oct 10 12:34:05 2003
Ok I may be nuts, or dense, or both, but what does that gadgetguy link have to do with the Salvation Army Building? Bad Link?
--Craig H. Fri Oct 10 14:46:21 2003

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