Heh. "In a technical sense," Jesus was a Jew, too. :)
--Max Thu Oct 16 09:20:03 2003
Yes! Those hidden tracks are great to have...but just give them thier own track listing! On the 'Lost In Translation' Sdtk. after the JAMC song, there is Bill Murray singing 'More than This' by Roxie Music. It is worth the purchase of the CD (along with other great stuff) - but you have to wait soooo long for it to come on. Who wants to wait 2 minutes in silence...just give me another song! I just don't get it.
--Rhetoric Thu Oct 16 09:44:23 2003
TMBG did something I still haven't seen elsewhere-- they hid a track before track 1, so you'd start playing the CD and then "rewind" for about 2 and a half minutes, and you'd get "Token Back to Brooklyn." I don't know enough about CDs to know how they did that, and now that my last non-CD-ROM player has bitten the dust, I don't know how to play it anymore, wah. (But I have a good MP3 of the song, so I don't suffer.)
--LAN3 Thu Oct 16 10:27:12 2003

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