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On the subject of backups, why is it that so many backup tools and procedures designed for disaster recovery and as a result are total failures when it comes to the much more frequent (one would hope!) lost or altered file recovery. I understand that many of the backup arrangements have their roots, ultimately, in a tape archive of some kind, which media would be removed from the drive and stored in a fallout shelter or dank basement until called-upon, and therefore nobody would retreive the thing just because I overwrote an important Word file. 

But, for example, as easy as it is constantly claimed that my work (Exchange) email is vulnerable to sniffing by the company recovery by professionals working under subpeona, etc., it's prohibitively expensive (in resources if we had them, but rather money since we don't) to recover the 45 days of emails I lost because of the failure of -- wait for it -- Outlook's archiving feature. (What me bitter? No way.)
--LAN3 Mon Oct 20 03:52:26 2003

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