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You know that some postal bureaucrat would nix the idea of 4 kids hanging around Mr. Zip, if only to prevent cartoon-impressionable kids from bothering mailcarriers. How about 4 dogs? They certainly make the mail go faster, just like +4!
--LAN3 Fri Oct 24 12:03:05 2003
Why don't you add new items to the top of each day's section, instead of the bottom? This would be consistent with adding new days to the top of the page... I keep missing stuff that's not at the top of its section. (Is this is the FAQ?)
--mr. ed Fri Oct 24 18:28:22 2003
I'm a fan (but not a fanatic) of both SW/ST, but that Brain Bug guy's a bit crazy. Yeah, there's illogical nonscience in Trek (don't get me started on holodecks or those matter transmutater thingies that they use to make lunch, but not starships), but arguing from Star Wars? That's like complaining about the science in Jurassic Park, when your favorite TV show is Barney the Dinosaur. SW is fantasy more than scifi. I mean--DUDE WITH A WALRUS HEAD! What force of evolution made THAT guy? A planet where the oceans hovered 5 feet above the ground? I also like how, if you want a closed door to open, you shoot the electronic lock. When you want an open door to close, you shoot the lock. Try that with your garage door opener and a shotgun sometime.
--Bill the Splut Fri Oct 24 21:44:39 2003

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