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The case of the unfortunate Florida woman being pulled this way and that by her family and the Florida government is dividing my fellow conservatives along such unexpected lines. Obviously they all have different, individual values (and valuations thereof), so the result is that some of them overlook their dislike of government intrusion into privacy (especially in the somewhat underhanded manner it took place) in favor of the right-to-life this woman has (whether she's alive or not at the moment), in lieu of a written living will. Others lambast the government's denigration of marriage by interceding in the rightful act of a husband because though he's not a blood relation, he's the primary next of kin. Andrew Sullivan, a blogger and neocon pundit, notes this because it puts into perspective the denigration of the institution of marriage that would allegedly come from the legalization of gay marriage (which Sullivan argues quite persuasively in favor of, perhaps not least because he desires one himself).

Is this dividing the left in any way? Clearly this issue can't be anyone's ideal: A Bush leading a Nanny State into action in favor of preserving her life against the alleged personal wishes of the victim. Polemical, at least.
--LAN3 Wed Oct 29 20:43:24 2003

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