Considering that Simpsons Science has included hamburger earmuffs (with the difficult pickle-matrix), reanimating the dead, extracting sweat from nerds, and other deeply unethical processes, I hope the other experiments are supervised by the FDA or DoD.
--LAN3 Tue Nov 4 20:42:47 2003
I don't get the victualer post...
--Eric Wed Nov 5 17:51:54 2003
That they're a victualer suggests to me that any navy vessel or marching army that happens to be in the area can go to this trusted establishment and restock their food supply. A google search suggests that Mass. is the only commonwealth or state that still uses the word in its laws-- typical New England failing to let go of the Olde. The same search suggests that 3/5s of the time, the word has 2 letters L.
--LAN3 Thu Nov 6 03:09:26 2003
Well that explains it, since I've always lived in Mass it seemed perfectly normal to me.
--Eric Thu Nov 6 21:39:12 2003

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