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Actually it's "concurrent versions systems". I actually floated this idea at work a while back and people thought it was a great idea but nobody ever got around to trying it, probably because finding a globally acessible but secure machine that you can run CVS on isn't trivial.

As far as locking, there are locking systems out there but when dev teams are small (as most are) or transient (as in open source), file locking is far more of a problem than file merging. It's no fun to have to wait till Monday because someone forgot to unlock something and left early on Friday.
--Eric Wed Nov 12 10:32:39 2003
I believe that the software you speak of was called 'Lifestreams', it stored every edit of every file forever, down the the keystroke. It would be a pretty amazing system, having temporal access to a file's history like that. Finally we've found a way to fill up the cheap terabytes of storage we'll all have next year with something other than mp3s and pr0n.
--John S. Wed Nov 12 11:15:37 2003
I've always wanted something like Lifestreams-- for other people's writing. I would read emails or USENET posts and get the sense that an edit had taken place, and I would've liked a "jog" button that would roll back to previous revisions of the document. That way I could learn how it is that the funniest people hone their jokes.
--LAN3 Wed Nov 12 12:54:36 2003
badgerbadger,We have been aware of and trying to deal with the isseus relating to committees being dysfunctional and inaccessible for quite a while now. Is there a particular change you could suggest? Clearly people cannot focus on everything without burning out, hence the need for work groups/committees which nearly every other Occupy group is using. Are you proposing that we scrap the committee structure entirely or simply voicing the fact that they are having isseus?We organized a meeting for all of the point people for different committees to try and get together on Friday, but not all of our committees showed up. We discussed some of the isseus we all saw regarding communications, but we were in a meeting for two hours and couldn't cover everything. We have another such meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 7pm to continue hashing out these isseus, if you would like to attend. We will be meeting up on-site but I expect we'll move to an indoor location for the discussion. Furthermore, our committees do not have leaders, they have point people charged with being informed about what the committee is doing and making sure people know when they regularly meet. At this time, many of our committees do not regularly meet and this is something we discussed as a serious concern in the coordination meeting. We've had a number of people take up point roles and then lost contact with us or been to busy to fulfill that role, and that was also a point that was brought up as a serious concern that needs fairly immediate attention.All General Assemblies need a Facilitator or else we don't have a General Assembly, we just have a social gathering where small groups discuss various isseus and nothing gets decided. There's nothing wrong with that sort of a meeting, but that isn't the purpose of a General Assembly at least not to the best of my understanding. What discussions do you feel belong in the GA's that we are not having? There have been plenty of times where our Facilitator needed to refocus the group to the topic at hand so we could be productive, that doesn't mean those discussions can't happen, only that it's off topic for that particular moment. I have attempted to note at almost every GA that I've been at as the point person for the Facilitation Committee, if there are concerns about the way our General Assemblies are running that people should feel free to come and talk with us. The Facilitation Committee has a standing commitment to meet regularly about an hour before the General Assembly, although of late it has seemed that not very many people (if anyone) has showed up for those meetings. My email as the point person for that committee is also publicly available: If you have specific concerns please feel free to email me.
--Makentha Tue Apr 24 10:36:54 2012
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