man of legos, woman of shampoo
Paris Hilton is apparently one of the Hilton sisters. They are famous for going to A-list clubs and doing table dances, and for being the heirs to the Hilton hotel fortune. And that's all.

I'm sure that "fans" of theirs wonder why people like me care about William Shatner anymore.
--Nick B Thu Nov 13 14:26:30 2003
--*cough* Thu Nov 13 14:36:06 2003
The Onion's story was funny, but it's more notable for how brilliant the idea was. Practically every blog out there is linking to it, it's at the top of every link aggregator. Ingenious way to market a web site.
--Eric Thu Nov 13 15:08:41 2003
I like the "Towers of Hanoi" bit, but I don't think giving 50 to your bank is quite scalable to the entire amount of circulating currency. I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
--LAN3 Thu Nov 13 17:25:48 2003

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