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--oem software Sun Feb 12 05:55:46 2012
Hi All,Here's some feedback from my reenct experience. It is a golf Mk 5, with an 80GB ipod clasic (with latest software) and an ebay purchased ice link plus.My problem was I could not access the Dension UI menu system. I could play music and advance/retard tracks, but that was it.I tried several versions of firmware and none would upgrade. They would get 5-10 tracks' through and crash out back to the first alphabetic song on the ipod. I contacted Dension support via their website and they were responsive and helpful, however, they didn't solve it. They did point out there are two versions of the ice link plus and you need to use the right software version. You can tell easily when the DENSION UI starts when you dock your ipod  the top right window in mine read version 4-4.15, so I needed v4.xx firmware. Otherwise it is v2.xx firmware. It is also on the sticker on the DENSION unit if you want to disassemble your car again.Eventually I removed everything from the ipod and reinstalled just the upgrade firmware and HEY PRESTO it worked! I had resisted this as I thought it might be onerous in itunes but it was easy. With your ipod connected to your PC and itunes running, in the sync part tick manually manage music and videos' and take it from there, it is quite simple. when finished you untick this and itunes then resyncs your library.Hope this helps!Mark
--Mary Sat Jul 7 05:34:55 2012

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