three more seconds of my fifteen minutes
congratulations, kirk! that reminds me of the time I got my stuff reviewed in... oh. never mind. I've never had anything reviewed by anyone.
--Brooke Wed Nov 26 11:13:14 2003
X7GfDr I really like and appreciate your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 21:22:14 2012
thank you so much for sharing these picutres..can't wait to see all of them..what a beautiful job you did you always had a smile on your face and was so pleasant with all the nephew Jody and partner Mark are two of the most beautiful people i know was marvelous to have a day full of laughter and happiness .thanks for putting up with all of us love auntie row(oregon)
--Ramiro Tue Apr 24 06:45:55 2012

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