86 simple rules
lordy knows I love the blender, but since it's not a feature of kisrael, rather its own unique site, I think it fits better as an "other thiing."
--brooke Sat Nov 29 10:39:13 2003
Before, you could find the blender link without having to scroll down. That's why I noticed it had moved.
--Wing and a prayer Sat Nov 29 21:31:23 2003
Not that I go that often to either site, but why have "Mortality" above "blender", when the former was written about three years ago, and the latter is updated constantly?
--Harry Sat Nov 29 22:15:02 2003
I'm saying this in the nicest possible way (blame boozo). Picks: -- Why have a 'link' at the top of each page to bring the day's entry to its own screen when you could just organise it so that the clicking title would do that for you? -- What's with the triangles beside the date and comment link? Why link the date at all? -- Why have fullstops after the 'quotes and links worth the click' up the top? -- Why does grey seem to be the feature colour on the site? Picky, picky, but on the brighter side, the content makes it worth the stop.
--Wing and a prayer Sun Nov 30 07:53:46 2003

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