If you've noticed the similarity between the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah and the Matrix Sentinels, perhaps you'd be interested in this page, "COMPARACIÓN DE LOS FILMES 'DARK CITY' & 'THE MATRIX'" which compares visual elements of those movies, and can teach you all sorts of Spanish you'll be glad to know, like the relevant "Bichos tentaculoides."
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--LAN3 Fri Dec 5 14:41:07 2003
I think I learned that the rooftop in the opening chase scene in The Matrix was the same set as one of Dark City's-- unfortunately, I've loaned away my Matrix DVD which is where I think I heard that (one of the audio commentaries). 

I don't disagree with your comparison, Kirk, but while The Matrix really grabbed you by the collars with a mega-rapid transition from "What the hell am I looking at" to "D00d, I've never seen anything like that!" Dark City has, IMO, a less philosophically polemical SF ground, one whose full depth isn't revealed until the very end as the, erm, unreality of the City is shown. Both films benefit from having strong visual direction, so the noir elements were perhaps inevitable. I'm noticing, though, that noir tends to show Los Angeles-type cities-- open downtowns where everybody drives. Matrix's "City," though Chicago-inspired and Sydney-set, lacks the concentration of a Gotham. Dark City had more claustrophia, a subway people use, as well as an inhabited sewer. :^) Very much a dark Gotham.

On a language note, I noticed that the side-by-sides of Jennifer Connelly singing at a nightclub, vs. "The Woman in Red," in the Matrix training program is described as "Muñecas." Google translates this as "wrists," but I don't buy it. I did a google image search on Muñecas, and lo and behold, many many pictures of dolls. One might even say cupiedolls. 

On to my final point: Dark City has Jennifer Connelly *and* Melissa George. hubba hubba! That'll trump Trinity anyday, IMO.
--LAN3 Sun Dec 7 03:50:26 2003

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