cold day
again, an aptly titled entry. KirK, I am so very sorry to read about your break-up. I read Mo's journal and commented to her as well. As I told her, my thoughts are with you both. I hope you continue to find emotional strength when you need it most. It ain't easy...but you will always love her and she will always love you. Sometimes, that helps on the days that are the worst.

You have lots of friends and family to draw from - so I hope you do so. Again, my thoughts are with you.
--Rhetoric Sun Dec 7 13:10:16 2003
I love you, Kirk.
--brooke Sun Dec 7 13:32:38 2003
Geeze, I'm so sorry to hear this, Kirk. I've been a long-time reader, and, as sometimes happens, feel a connection with you and Mo. Have you thought about just a trial separation? Whatever happens, I wish both of you the best.
--Harry Mon Dec 8 08:59:42 2003
Bummer... not an easy thing to go through.

But you'll both be ok... follow the Tao.
--boozo Tue Dec 9 10:19:11 2003

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