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The advantage of living on the other side of the world... I can be paraphased in a blog and reply in few hours. I have found it! "Perhaps there is no moral to this story," observes Lisa at the end of "Blood Feud." (second season) "Exactly," agrees Homer. "Just a bunch of stuff that happens."
--AuSkeptic Fri Dec 12 11:15:15 2003
Being the Simpsons trivia maven that I am, I can quote the episode I remember that from off the top of my head. It's a Bart quote, in episode 3F03, "Lisa The Vegetarian," when Lisa complains that Ichy & Scratchy sends the message that hurting animals is funny. "Cartoons don't have messages, Lis," replies Bart. "They're just a bunch of hilarious stuff that happens, y'know, like people getting hurt and stuff, stuff like that." Then Homer hits him with a door. 
http://www.snpp.com/episodes.html This here site is useful for such things.
--Kiru Banzai Fri Dec 12 14:29:32 2003
I must say that that map will considerably confuse the next game of Mornington Crescent I play.
--LAN3 Sat Dec 13 20:59:33 2003
Did you earn half of your joint income? Did you have as much wehltihd from your pay all year as he did? (In other words, are you sure you're morally and legally entitled to a full half of the refund?)If he signed your name to the tax return, that is technically tax fraud. You might consider threatening to turn him in to the IRS if he doesn't come up with a fair share of the refund he got.Another possibility is that you file your own return as Married Filing Separately and let the IRS sort it all out. That might mean less of a refund for you than you'd get if you took half of your MFJ refund, but at least you'd get something.
--Moe Mon Mar 4 21:09:35 2013
This isnight's just the way to kick life into this debate.
--Magda Fri Apr 12 01:05:03 2013
The genius store called, they're rniunng out of you.
--Lynsey Fri Apr 12 01:05:05 2013

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