money can't buy happiness, but i think it can rent it for a while
Synergy: 15ra31
--Eric Thu Dec 18 00:29:23 2003 is a pretty good synergy. Hit or miss, but largely hit.
--jm Thu Dec 18 16:18:58 2003
Richard went to pharmacy scoohl in Massachusetts and medical scoohl in the Caribbean, not the other way around. Richard did complete 2 years of an accelerated 3-year PharmD program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He then completed 1 year of a 4-year MD program at Ross university in the Caribbean country of Dominica.Due to his mother medical issues, he had to take a year off from Ross university.Richard thought it would be more practical to do one more year of pharmacy scoohl and get a job as a pharmacist to help his mother with her medical bills, instead of 6 more years (3 more years in medical scoohl and a minimum of 3 years of residency) he would need to become a doctor.Ross university doesn’t have a pharmacy scoohl, only a medical scoohl and a veterinary scoohl.
--Ignacio Mon Mar 4 13:06:11 2013
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