and on and on
That programming-job story is such bunk. The computer industry is too good at what it does (saving money) to cause any long-term decline.
--Eric Fri Dec 19 11:30:24 2003
Super iofnrmtaive writing; keep it up.
--Trixie Thu Jul 28 19:04:22 2011
Rob,I don't really have an issue with gtinetg too light, I'm naturally a fat bugger so really have to work hard to get down to my race weight which is around 10st 12 (6ft). I would like to get down closer to 10st 7 but it never seems to happen!I have only had my body fat percentage measured properly once (with callipers) when I was at my race weight and it came in at around 5% which I was happy with, don't bother checking these days  can just tell if I've got a bit of fat to lose.Only ever get to race weight within the last few weeks before a marathon, most of the time I'm around 7-14pounds heavier.Can't really comment on the point at which you might lose strength/power as I don't think I've ever come close!CheersSteve
--Fayis Fri Jan 18 06:39:26 2013

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