happiest (a poem)
I won't try for a second to compare my pain to yours, to this one, but I know this feeling: the two-fold agony of losing a forever-lover and losing the peace of having forever-love. Thinking The Question has been answered, but then no. More question. 

I love this poem. It really gets to the heart of it all.
--Brooke Mon Dec 22 01:22:02 2003
Truth be told, it is hard to watch your heartbreak. At the same time, I look for any word of advice or support I can offer. And I can't. But I will have faith in you. Take care.
--Wing and a prayer Mon Dec 22 11:42:09 2003
Was this marriage only 2 years young? Was it a verbal communication problem? Communication and honesty are the keys to success in a marriage. Hopefully through communication and honesty you both can work it out. 
--^%$$# Tue Dec 23 07:52:04 2003
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--tjfnl nvrpwfd Sun Jan 18 03:47:00 2009
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--Laicee Wed Apr 27 00:56:36 2011
Stay with this guys, you're helpnig a lot of people.
--Geralyn Sat Dec 10 13:10:07 2011
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