with aptitude tests, he's best
thanks for sharing this, i had you figured for a boy genius, who knew how right i was? appreciate how much you give to the blender and other areas such as this one. hoping the New Year begins well for you. 
--aparajita Sat Dec 27 11:12:00 2003
Heh! Gracious, I had forgotten how close you once lived. Oddly enough, this reminds me an awful lot of the newspaper writeup that I got for spelling bee stuff.

O, the pain.

(The Jamaican accent thing is keen, by the way)
--jm Sat Dec 27 18:37:17 2003
damn it, I thought *I* was the answer to that riddle!!!! I never win!
--Brooke Sat Dec 27 22:56:37 2003
For the love of Gahd, do not look directly into the tie.
12 years on and still no improvement to the fashion sense.
--Bevil-Astard Mon Dec 29 09:53:24 2003

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