with aptitude tests, he's best
thanks for sharing this, i had you figured for a boy genius, who knew how right i was? appreciate how much you give to the blender and other areas such as this one. hoping the New Year begins well for you. 
--aparajita Sat Dec 27 11:12:00 2003
Heh! Gracious, I had forgotten how close you once lived. Oddly enough, this reminds me an awful lot of the newspaper writeup that I got for spelling bee stuff.

O, the pain.

(The Jamaican accent thing is keen, by the way)
--jm Sat Dec 27 18:37:17 2003
damn it, I thought *I* was the answer to that riddle!!!! I never win!
--Brooke Sat Dec 27 22:56:37 2003
For the love of Gahd, do not look directly into the tie.
12 years on and still no improvement to the fashion sense.
--Bevil-Astard Mon Dec 29 09:53:24 2003
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Chris..Yes, it sure felt nice after those -30 windchills just a cuople of days ago! Looks like we'll stay above normal through the upcoming week with no major push of Arctic air coming our way until maybe next weekend. I'm crossing my fingers that the Americans are right in their forecast for above normal temperatures this month!
--TenRob Sat Apr 6 05:01:43 2013

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