How apropos. "The Connection" this morning was on the subject of Mini-storage and amarican's habit of accumulating so much stuff we have to keep it in another place. It seems as though we get far more attached to the sentimental histories of objects than do others in the world. This is probably cause by our tendency to define ourselves by our belongings, the car being a prime example.
Congratulations on the purge!
--John S. Mon Dec 29 11:40:44 2003
So, your psuedocousin Llara has a writer mother. Does Llara have any creative input or does she just wake up with a script and shotlist on her pillow?

--pseudo-gramatician Mon Dec 29 11:46:30 2003
Purge on! Throughout my college and early adult years I had prided myself on being able to fit all my possessions into the back of my Hyundai hatchback.. Now the trappings and comforts of adulthood has brought an endless battle to be free of "stuff". Anyway, I used to keep books and CDs and other created media forever.. But thanks to "modern technology" I've been able to shake those too! Disk space is cheap, like a "bag of holding" for all media.. and I continue the slow process of converting my CDs to .wav files.
--bil Mon Dec 29 16:57:38 2003
There are certainly times when the mood strikes to purge, and when the strike is of sufficient force, purge I will.

In fact, I've been planning on cleaning my room in such a manner sometime in the near future. It's really a combination of the need to purge and the just-being-too-lazy-to-sort. I've never gotten too attached to objects.

I will say, however, on the order of DVDs and books and whatnot: such media I would rather give away than throw away. I have no problem lending things out, even if the lending period should become permanent. I do have a problem, however, simply discarding things that have brought me as much happiness as have books, CDs, etc.
--jm Mon Dec 29 21:03:37 2003
Clutter battle won. Life is way too busy to have clutter. While I may not be nearly as intelligent as the traditional kisrael reader ... I do know that more clutter=more stress. Time is too precious to be spent rummaging through old junk that has no purpose or sentimental value. Also for those with children (and only those will understand this portion)there is less worry about your one year old getting "lost in the piles".
--Beau ... proud childhood friend of Kirk Mon Dec 29 21:26:20 2003

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