Using "Where are the * of yesteryear," I get the mahirs, the vics, the bucks, the blimps, the mowbots...hee. Mowbot. Girls, breakfasts, technocrats, reeds diseases, Pathfinders, C's, banks, nicknames, Wileys, lhasas, clothes, Snowdens, and Steinbecks. So I guess that was a good phrase.
--KiruBanzai Wed Dec 31 10:26:56 2003
jorn of occasionally used to do something along very similar lines, mostly querying google groups (look for "ClicheWatch" or "MemeWatch"): <a href="">"born with a silver" -spoon</a>, <a href="">"love the smell" -napalm</a>, <a href="">"wake up and smell" -coffee</a>.

some that worked for me:

<a href="*+before+they%22+-chickens+-hatch+-hatched">don't count your * before they" -chickens -hatch</a>

<a href="">"in the hand is worth two" -bird</a>

<a href="*+doesn%27t+make+a+summer%22+-swallow">"one * doesn't make a summer" -swallow</a>
--dan Wed Dec 31 11:53:34 2003
A couple years ago I did "Read the * Manual" +RTFM. I was after the use-count, though, so as I accumulated a good list of words for the blank, I ran each one for its count. I have it on good authority that doing this quite a lot was a great way to get banned from google, at the time.
--LAN3 Wed Dec 31 12:17:30 2003

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