jersey shore
I've always enjoyed the pictures you share. These are exceptional in reflections of past heydays, and the haunting ghosts and relics of today. I am reminded of "The Shining" and "Bladerunner" ... other movies that used such haunting sets and backdrops. I've got a little antique car from the Roaring Twenties, so studying items from nostalgia is enjoyable for me from time to time. Thanks for sharing ..... Rennie
--Rennie Tue Jan 6 10:34:30 2004
My mom & dad used to take us to asbury as kids.Quite a few times my grand ma would come with us.I remember walking up to the building and seeing "casino" in huge letters on the side.I remember there being old machines with turntables inside that you put a quater in and an arm would swing a lighter or a deck of cards down a hole in the center.(You couldn't get nanna away from them damn things, she loved little trinkets and doo dads. come to think of it I kind of liked them myself.) Anyway it was always a lot of fun.They had a haunted house thing that was kind of corny but fun and bumpercars.I haven't lived in NJ for about 15 years .I was totally shocked when I came across these pictures.It's very heartbreaking, to see something that had so many good vivid memories that you saw alive and felt its personality, not just dead but just its skeleton.It's kind of wierd but you never realize when you're 8 or 9 years old when you got in the car the last time you were there it would be the last time you'll ever see it .You just asume you'll be there next year.For years I thought of that place off and on and I always said I would go back to check it out, to smell the popcorn and hear the machines and the rides. Kind of odd to realize no matter what, you can't go back.I just wish someone could save it. I just can't believe such a piece of historic architecture could be let go. 
--andy Sun Sep 26 04:37:59 2004

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